Monday, May 2, 2011

The New Launch

So I am really bad at posting on this blog. But I guess that could just mean that I am extremely busy right? Well that is what I am going to believe at any rate. I am really going to try to be better at keeping up on this so that people can see a little of my design process.

So I launched a new portfolio web site late last night. here are a few screen shots to get you wanting more.

You can view it at

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The video with the flash: the video

Here is the video at long last!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The video with the flash

OK so it has been a while sense my last post... lets just say I'm super busy for arguments sake. But when you see this wicked awesome Ferris Bueller's Day Off flash video that I have been doing it might make more sense. The important thing to remember is that I have spent over 30 hours on this ans then it all starts to make a little more sense. well first here is the poster and on the next post I'll put the video! enjoy!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The site is done! Now I can sleep!!

So today I finished the website at something like 12:30 pm. I have never been so happy. Between Sunday night and today I have worked at least 20 hours on it figuring out all the little things that were  wrong and trying to fix some of the typographical problems with it as well as finish off the last few pages. But at last is is done and it has come a long way. It looks nothing like I had first planned and that is a very good thing because it looks better. Well you can find the site here, so have fun and enjoy!! You know kind of like I will enjoy sleeping again, man I forgot what that is like!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Long Road Here: Part II

     So here is the second installment of my delayed updates on my designing. This post will be showing some of the other designing that I have done thus far in the semester. The first stuff I would like to show here is a self logo that I had to do using my initials. It was made a lot harder because we had to use a figure and ground relationship, so that was a twist. (For those who don't know figure and ground relationships are basically using black and white or light and dark to define 2 seperate areas, so one letter needed to be black and the other white.) My first attempt is sad.

     So as you can see it was less than ideal. but I gave the entire thing an over haul during one of my never ending grave shifts and I think that the new and improved version is much better!

     So that went better. Then I started working on doing a new wordmark of a band. I decided that since Taking Back Sunday felt that with their new CD that they have been reinventing themselves that it would be good to redo their wordmark. I looked all over the place for inspiration and read a lot on their web site to get a good feel for how they felt about this reinventing business. Then I printed a big sheet full of their name "taking back sunday" in all sort of fonts and sizes and caps and not caps and drew on them and traced the crap out of some changing the font its self most of the time as can be seen in this small example.

Then after much heartache and work I started to load and change the fonts in Illustrator and in the end i came up with 2 possibilities. Then after standing back I decided on the best one and there I was. So here are both of those with the beter one second. And I decided that the second one was better based on the colored parts being spaced apart properly, and that is a good thing, it just looks better!

     So there is the other design update and I will try better to keep up on to date on this blog, but life is busy and as such I make no guarantees, sorry for passing out false hope.

The Long Road Here: Part I

     So... it has obviously been a while since I updated this thing, but I have a feeling no one has looked at it anyway so like it maters right! Well not really, but because I don't want to worry about it that is what I am going to tell myself. So... on to the meat of this. I have a lot to update so this post might be a little long but I am going to try to cram it all in to 2 posts, one for my web design and a second for my other design!
     First I have my first fully html written web page, keep in mind this was done only days after starting the semester.

      Next I have a complete update on my guitar building web site. That is right I am making a site about how to build your own electric guitar. It should be really cool when I'm done but feel free to comment now so that if you see any craziness going on I can fix it now before it get to far. so first we have the flow chart for the site followed by a few digital comps of what I hope it will resemble when I am done.

     Lastly here I have a web page that I created using html code, java scripting, and then css for the style portion. Yes I actually went to all the extra work of typing all the java script on my own rather then doing css, or even just using Dreamweaver to do the scroll-over. But the experience of doing it all on my own was totally worth it.

     So that is it on the web side of things. I'm going to try to just pound out the next entree on the other design updates in a few min. I need a little break!

Monday, August 24, 2009

In the Joint

Well ... here I am doing something I once promised myself I would never do ... I am creating a blog. So ... the purpose of this blog is rather simple if if not altogether ludicrous, I just want to document my designing and my processes. But really I am required to do this. So that is that and away I go ...